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Body Contours scientifically advanced skin and hair care range is a UK based company. We believe in natural products, which have been scientifically proven and have not been on animals, are free from artificial colouring or perfumes and is tolerated by the most delicate skins. Our fundamental objective is achieving and maintaining skin that will be admired by all. Body Contours has studied and researched natural skin care technology, Specifically for people of colour.

Body Contours was established in 1994 with its principal purpose to provide a unique service to people of colour, which cannot be obtained in the market. Body Contours understands the continuing problems among dark skins, and our aim is to provide research into hyper pigmentation, discolouration, acne scarring, stretch marks and other related skin problems. Body Contours professional relationship with their mentor, the renowned scientist Dr I.D Morrison (M. B) (Ch. B) (L. M. S. S. A)  formerly the owner of the CSA prestigious clinic in Harley St West End in London.

Has enabled us use treatments that are exclusive only to Body Contours.

We are dedicated to improving our standards with the continuing growth in skin care technology and education. Further, we commit to a personal code of practice and professionalism that reflects an attitude of excellent customer service.
With the co-operation of the clients we are able to offer an extensive range of “in-office” and “at-home” treatments. Discover the most recent developments in maintaining your appearance.

At Body Contours we can help to:
Reduce or eliminate acne and superficial acne scars
Reduce natural tone & colour
Reduce chickenpox and smallpox marks
Eliminate dark pigmentation areas, dark knees, knuckles and elbows
Reduce fine lines and wrinkles from the skin
Rejuvenate the whole face, neck and decollate also arms and hands
Lighten, brighten, tighten and tone the skin
Ingrown hair
Shaven bumps

Welcome to Body Contours

Calls are taken personally between 9am – 6pm. 6 days a week.
Tel: 02088578559 or 02088577999

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