Dark knuckle serum

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It is being noted that dark knuckles tend to lower our confidence level, as no one wants sinister patches on their hands and feet. 

How to treat your stubborn dark knuckles

It is being noted that dark knuckles tend to lower our confidence level, as no one wants sinister patches on their hands and feet. For millions of people, dark knuckles, elbows, and knees are a source of humiliation and it becomes awkward especially when you socialize and have to show your skin with unwanted dark patches on your body. Moreover, it is eminent that for many people, a vaguely darker shade of skin on elbows and knees is completely natural characteristic of the skin’s pigmentation due to the hereditary features, however, for others these dark spots may be a result of lifestyle practices, using the unwanted product or even certain medications. The good news is that the dark knuckles can be easily treated by careful treatment and consistent skincare routine and if you want to get rid of them it can be reduced or simply vanishes in a certain amount of time.


Reasons that add to the darkening of the knuckles

Skin-dryness: Our body becomes dry when our feet and hands are exposed to severe substances or UV sunlight, dryness may also occur due to extensive washing

Skin disease: Some skin disease like psoriasis and eczema may also be a reason for your knuckles to be dark

Carelessness: Lack of proper care of our hands and feet is often the case and many a time we neglect our skin care issues for this very reason our knuckles and elbows starts getting darker 

Scrubbing makes it worst: Our skin handles any trauma by one of the three responses: either it gets thicker, or it gets darker, or it does both. Unfortunately, knuckles belong to the third group and causes by dirt accumulation while cleansing them thoroughly will surely not solve the problem, in fact, it will make it worse.   

Pigmentation: ‘Melanocytes’ is the type of cell that is found in the deeper layer of our skin’s epidermis. These pigment-producing cells determine our skin’s natural color although dark and light-skinned people contain the same number of ‘melanocytes’ since this type of cells are present in all human beings equally, the darker skinned people have more active and productive melanocytes. These cells are actively kindled by Ultraviolet radiation to produce the pigment named melanin, which the reason why exposure to sun makes our skin darker.


Treatment for dark knuckle, elbows, and knees

There is a way of lightening your dark spots however bear in mind that there is no permanent solution to our melanocytes but with consistent treatment, it is not difficult to make those dark areas of skin fade away and disappear. First, let us find out the best practice to use dark knuckle serum:

 -  Body Contours dark knuckle, hand, and feet lightening triple action will help exfoliate and remove dead skin while revealing new light skin.

-  Get consent from a dermatologist at Body Contours and start using this organic treatment

-  This treatment is for external use only and avoid applying it to the eyelids or any contact with eyes or mucous membranes

-  This dark knuckle serum is organic and sulfate-free, Paraben-free and dye-free that means it will avoid any side effects and protection from unwanted synthetic materials

Using triple action three-step booster cream on your dark knuckle, hand and feet can help reducing skin pigmentation and to moisturize the skin. Applying lightening crams to knees and elbows is comparatively easy but controlling the results can be me tougher than it looks. You need to have a proper consultation from Body Contours and multiple applications for straight weeks over time for lightening cream to work on your skin.


Home Remedies

Besides using lightening serum, you can also apply natural products to your skin for better and faster results. Body Contours recommends following homemade remedies for lighter skin:


  1. Baking Soda: Milk mixed with a simple baking soda is a remarkably effective home remedy for lightening dark knees. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with an equal amount of milk till the time you have a paste. Scrub the paste on to your skin using circular motions for a few minutes. Repeat the process every day till you see the results.
  2. Cucumber: It is unheard that cucumbers have natural bleaching properties, which is used from a very long time to lighten the skin. You simply have to cut thick slices of cucumber and scrub them gently over the dark spot areas until the spots are covered in a light layer of cucumber juice.
  3. Lemon: A natural lemon is high in antioxidants and acts as a natural skin-lightening agent. The citric acid also know as vitamin C in lemon is also helps exfoliation to remove dead skin cells accumulated on the elbows and knees.



Despite regular care, it sometimes happens that we get dark knuckles and elbows due to the UV radiation, hazardous dirt or skin dryness. Whatever be the reason for our skin to dry and create dark patches on our body, it is a bad skin disease to have more importantly it leads to those embarrassing moment that we want to avoid.

Treating the dark knuckles is the same as treating any unwanted skin illness as it requires a lot of care on a regular basis with the best lightening product rightfully using an organic product over the synthetic product. Preferably get a bit of advice from a dermatologist as Body Contours and apply the product on your skin on daily base until you see the results, after all, if your skin looks good you become more confident accordingly!




















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