How can dark skin be lightened?

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It is noted that everyone is looking for an even, smooth skin tone and not being bothered by the dark spots- either large or small. 

It is noted that everyone is looking for an even, smooth skin tone and not being bothered by the dark spots- either large or small. In recent advancement of pharmaceutical industry, bleaching and whitening options are more widespread and complicated then ever, the products are as much in numbers as it is hard to understand on how to make a proper selection and priorities skin needs. Millions of people wish to whiten their skin, let alone, struggling with hyperpigmentation problems such as dark patches or darker shade around the skin.

History of lightening skin and bleaching

Most people usually understand dark spots on the skin as the factor of age. Although, the reality is that the cause more often is traced to genetic factors, hygiene and exposure to the sun over the years. In the past, dark skin has been treated in many ways through preventive measures using counter creams, natural remedies, and dermatologists. Usually, it was a common practice of lightening skin by dermatologists using chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser treatments, and chemical treatments. One of these treatments used to benefit, but sometimes it used to take two or three procedures.

What is the cause of skin discoloration?

It is clear that there is more than one cause of skin discoloration. The aftermath of skin inflammation is one of the common sources of discoloration while skin trauma may lead to cutaneous inflammation. A small blemish, a bug bite, chronic friction; are all factors to leave skin irritated and eventually discolored.  Even if the discoloration is resolved, local pools of skin pigment remain in the skin this condition is known as PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation). For example, if one has a Mediterranean olive complexion, PIH for them would be purplish or a faint light brown; that means the darker your skin tone, the darker the PIH will most likely to be and the darker the PIH, the longer it would take to bleach skin back to normal.

Melasma (mask of pregnancy) is another common condition that results in patches on the skin and discoloration. The hormone estrogen can at times results in overactive pigment-producing melanocytes, resulting in brown patches across the cheeks, chin or forehead.

Another factor is exposure to the sun as it plays an active role in deepening the disparity between your natural skin and unwanted dark patches. Either you are spending long hours outside for sunbathing or perhaps merely walking in the sunny conditions, the UV rays are going to send your pigment-producing skin cells (melanocytes) into overdrive.

Skin lightening methods for dark skin

There are many ways and techniques to lighten and bleach your skin. Different beauty products are the common use among the people in order to reduce melanin concentration and exfoliate the skin, bleaching and lightening products include: Kojic Acid, Hydroquinone, Arbutin, Tretinoin, and Vitamin C. It is also possible to use home-made products such to naturally bleach and whiten the skin, including the ingredients like milk, papaya, and eggs among many others. Besides homemade products and commercial products, a person can also use organic products that are safer and will not harm the skin. Follow some of the organic beauty products for intense skin lightening cream and body lightening cream UK:

Peeling Power

Exfoliation can be a useful tool in quickening the resolution of melasma. It works to remove superficial pigment skin cells and also eases penetration of bleaching agents. Different variety of peeling can used including both mechanical and chemical approach, just keeping in mind that there is a fine line between exfoliation and excessive inflammation since the unwanted outcome may increase too much irritation in the skin pigmentation or inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Therefore, remember to stick with your program for longer term and use the appropriate products from a useful source. When you achieve your desired goals, stop bleaching the skin, but continue your skin protection!


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