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BC Shaving & Even Tone SKIN SET


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BC Shaving & Even Tone SKIN SET

(100ml) DNA Healing Sunblock Active Optimal Defence SPF 100

Sun Protective Cream with SPF100 is a moisturizer for all skin types.

Ten years Younger Skin Rejuvenator

The 10 years younger has a tendency of going dark because of oxidization. but that doesn’t mean it will not work, It still works very well. It’s an organic product without preservatives and made from natural organic apples. 

Please always get in contact with us about anything that worries you. We care about your skin, we are here to make you beautiful and happy. 

(100ml) BC Supreme Disappearing Shaving Bumps

BC Supreme Disappearing Shaving Bumps helps to reduce and improve the appearance of unsightly razor bumps, razor burn, and ingrown hairs from shaving, electrolysis, and waxing.

(350ml) BC SK Extra Strength Lightening Scrub

Body contours luxurious exfoliating and conditioning body treatment that improves your complexion. An elegant concoction of spa crystals and flavored scrub

(Small) BC Glow & Whitening Black Soap

BC GLOW & WHITENING BLACK SOAP is a new active natural & safe whitening soap that slough and peel of dead skin. This whitening skin complexion soap is a breakthrough in safe & effective skin whitening soap, unlike other conventional whitening soap, our ingredients has been bio-engineered to work effectively, amazingly and intensely.


BC Shaving & Even Tone SKIN SET

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